Voice / VOIP Messaging Service

Send bulk pre-recorded Voice messages to thousands of recipients instantly. The perfect tool for lead generation, notifications or business continuity. 

Calling individuals & leaving voicemails can be very time consuming. By using the Voice module of the Enterprise Platform will save hours of staff downtime. Also Voice Messaging is low cost & quick to setup. 

Text Global Voice VOIP Messaging

Voice Features

Voice messaging is quick & easy to setup. In addition, there are no contracts or setup fees for this service. 

Bulk Voice broadcast can be setup on the same day in just a matter of minutes, saving time to platform users. 

Furthermore, on average around 60-70% of recipients answer voice messages & users are only charged for the Voice messages that are answered by the recipient. This is why Voice is the ultimate channel for delivering important messages in bulk, when staff don’t have the time to place individual phone calls.

Personalise Voice Messages

Voice messages can be recorded with ease on a mobile phone. Alternatively Voice messages can be typed into the platform in text format & the message would be received as type talk. Simply import your pre-recorded MP3 or type in the message you'd like to send.

Cost & Pricing

On average it costs between 6.5p - 10p per 10 second voice message sent.With around 60-70% of calls are answered, any un-answered calls are non-chargeable.

Response Code & Forward Actions

Response codes & actions can be setup at the end of the recorded voice message. For example "Press 1 to speak to a member of the sales team or press 2 to repeat the message". As a result based on the number pressed will initiate the action.

Stagger Voice Messages

To ease pressure on staff or sales teams, voice messages can be staggered over time. The purpose for this is to steady the flow of follow up actions or calls diverted back into the office.