SMS Marketing Platform

SMS Marketing Platform – Built & designed with aim of being simple, quick but effective. Send bulk SMS text marketing campaigns in just a matter of minutes! Try the UK’s #1 SMS Marketing Platform.

  • Import customer data using an Excel or CSV spreadsheet
  • Buy SMS text credits using a Debit, Credit Card or PayPal
  • Then setup your campaign… easy!
Text Global SMS Marketing Platform

Get started in 4 simple steps...

1. Setup An Account
Click "GET STARTED NOW" above or "TRY FOR FREE" in the top right corner. Fill out a few details & get instant access to our SMS platform.
2. Import Data
Download your customer data from your website, database or ecommerce partner. Then import the Excel or CSV to the platform.
3. Buy SMS Credits
Select an SMS text credit bundle ranging from 100 - 25,000 & pay using a credit, debit card or PayPal. With pricing as low as just 1.99p!
4. Send Texts
Setup your SMS text marketing campaign in just a matter of minutes! Send straight away or schedule the SMS text campaign in advance.
Service Level Agreement - Text Global SMS Platform Features

SMS Platform Features

The SMS platform comes packed full of features, simply login via the Text Global website with no software to download. 

Full reporting suite, branded dynamic sender name, schedule campaigns in advance, stagger sends, trackable short links, add attachments to the SMS, insert personal merged fields & much more. 

Dynamic Sender ID

Send messages from a business name or mobile number up to 11 characters.

Single Send Tool

Fire out single messages instantly, perfect for updates, reminders & confirmations.

URL Tracking Tool

Our integrated Bitly tool allows users to shorten links & track the click through rates.

Real Time Delivery Reports

See how campaigns have performed with our reporting suite.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Deploy bulk SMS marketing campaigns to thousands of contacts within a matter of minutes.

Schedule Campaigns

Schedule SMS campaigns in advance when it's more convenient for you & cancel at any time.

Attachment Tool

Attach images & PDF's files to SMS texts to make messages more feature rich.

Stagger SMS Traffic

Stagger SMS campaigns to reduce visitors to the website or inbound calls.

Optout Management

Each user is given a free unsubscribe keyword that is unique to their account.

Insert Merged Fields

Personalise SMS text messages with the recipients "FirstName" or insert merged fields.

Data Import / Copy & Paste

Import data from an Excel or CSV file or Copy & Paste data directly into contact groups.

Payment Gateway

Top up SMS credits instantly with a Debit, Credit Card or PayPal

Low SMS Pricing & No Monthly Charges

Text Global don’t charge any setup fees or monthly charges!Just low, competitive rates for Direct Tier 1 Routes!
SMS Text Message Bundles
Price Per SMS
Cost Per Bundle
Whats Included
100 – 10,000
£3.50 – £380+VAT
Free Digital Platform
Free Short Code Keyword
Free Unsubscribes
Free URL Tracking Tool
Free SMS Attachment Tool
Free Delivery Reports
Free Strategy Planning


1.9p - 3.8p per text credit
100 - 10,000 at 3.8p
15,000 at 3.7p - £555+VAT
25,000 at 3.6p - £900+VAT
50,000 at 3.5p - £1,750+VAT
100,000 at 3.2p - £3,200+VAT
200,000 at 2.9p - £5,800+VAT
250,000 at 2.75p - £6,875+VAT
Enterprise Pricing from just 1.9p
(Contact Us Now for bespoke rates)


£0.010 - £0.032p per email
10,000 Emails - £32+VAT
25,000 Emails - £70+VAT
50,000 Emails - £125+VAT
100,000 Emails - £220+VAT
250,000 Emails - £500+VAT
500,000 Emails - £900+VAT
1,000,000 Emails - £1,600+VAT
No Monthly Charges
Free Setup


1p per second recorded
1,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £100+VAT
5,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £475+VAT
10,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £900+VAT
25,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £2,100+VAT
50,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £3,950+VAT
Free Forwarding
No Monthly Charges
Free Setup
Only charged for Delivered Msg's


Contact Us
Setup Costs - TBC
Monthly Costs - TBC
Cost Per Message - TBC


From as little as 1.99p per sms text

Call +44 (0) 1244 820025

(further bulk enterprise pricing available)

98% SMS open rate... Nothing is more powerful!

Sign up today and trial our amazing service with no setup costs, monthly charges or contracts. 

Or chat with one of our dedicated support team with over 11+ years experience in the digital communication industry. Bespoke and impartial advice on strategy planning. 

Get 20% extra FREE credit on initial first orders between 100 – 25,000.

With our like for like service price match there is no better time to get started!