Bulk Email Marketing
HTML Content Rich

Build HTML content rich email marketing campaigns. Choose from a range of pre-designed templates or upload a .html file.

Alternatively create beautifully designed HTML emails using the drag & drop editor. Simply add sections, drag in a content type & format. 

Text Global provide the most cost effective email marketing solutions.  

New platform users are offered full online training. Even the less technically savvy can create well designed, professional email marketing campaigns. 

Start sending bulk email marketing today or integrate with our API. 

Text Global Email Marketing Platform
Text Global Email Marketing Platform

Real-time Analytics

Check the performance of email marketing campaigns in real-time using the dashboard analytics. 

Select a to and from date range. Then receive instant details on deliver-ability, open rates, click through rates & bounce rates. 

In addition, conveniently download delivery reports into an XLS or CSV file. Reoccurring reports can be setup weekly or monthly to save time. Alternatively reports can be created on an ad-hoc basis. 

Open, Click & Bounce Stats

It’s essential for marketeers to see how email marketing campaigns perform. 

The Text Global enterprise platform provides in-depth analytics on an individual campaign basis. Including open rates, click through rates & messages that bounce. 

In addition, the total number of unsubscribes is listed. Excellent for monitoring response rates & the overall success. 

Text Global Email Marketing Stats

Low Email Pricing & No Monthly Charges

Text Global don’t charge any set monthly subscriber fees or setup costs.We only charge on a per email basis at £16 –  £32+VAT per 10,000 emails!The most cost effective email marketing platform.
Email Bundles
Price Per Email
Cost Per Bundle
Whats Included
Free Email Platform
HTML Creator Tool
Open, Click & Bounce Stats
Free Report & Analytics
Free Strategy Planning
No Contracts
No Monthly Charges


1.9p - 3.8p per text credit
100 - 10,000 at 3.8p
15,000 at 3.7p - £555+VAT
25,000 at 3.6p - £900+VAT
50,000 at 3.5p - £1,750+VAT
100,000 at 3.2p - £3,200+VAT
200,000 at 2.9p - £5,800+VAT
250,000 at 2.75p - £6,875+VAT
Enterprise Pricing from just 1.9p
(Contact Us Now for bespoke rates)


£0.0016 - £0.0032p per email
10,000 Emails - £32+VAT
25,000 Emails - £70+VAT
50,000 Emails - £125+VAT
100,000 Emails - £220+VAT
250,000 Emails - £500+VAT
500,000 Emails - £900+VAT
1,000,000 Emails - £1,600+VAT
No Monthly Charges
Free Setup


1p per second recorded
1,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £100+VAT
5,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £475+VAT
10,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £900+VAT
25,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £2,100+VAT
50,000 Voice Msg 10 sec - £3,950+VAT
Free Forwarding
No Monthly Charges
Free Setup
Only charged for Delivered Msg's


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Setup Costs - TBC
Monthly Costs - TBC
Cost Per Message - TBC

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