Text Global Abandoned Cart SMS Shopify Plugin

So close yet so far… this is a phrase that could be used to describe abandoned carts. Every business owner with an online store knows the struggle of a customer filling a cart and then never completing a purchase. This could be due to multiple reasons, but the main one is just the shopper getting distracted or forgetting about the purchase. An easy solution to such a problem is a Shopify abandoned cart SMS notification!

SMS Text Marketing Strategy

SMS campaigns are a popular way to market to your target audience. They reach your customers fast, have an open rate of 98%, and don’t take much time to read. But, sometimes, assumption isn’t enough, and tangible results are needed to modify marketing strategies. That’s where our team of SMS experts’ steps in. Read on to find out how to track your SMS marketing performance and how to improve your overall SMS text marketing strategy.

Text Global SMS NPS Survey Blog

Opening and reading an SMS text message requires much less effort and time compared to an email. So why not utilise SMS text to obtain vital customer feedback? 90% of people open and read their SMS texts in the first 90 seconds. Therefore requesting feedback by SMS text is extremely powerful. Continue reading to find out exactly what an NPS SMS Survey is and why you should start using it today.   What is an SMS

SMS Text Marketing Post Lockdown Retail Boom

COVID-19 is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, people are starting to move on, and it’s time to get your business back on track. After such a long break period, it can be hard to make your customers enthusiastic about your products again. As businesses everywhere are planning how they will be able to bounce back from this worldwide pandemic, we are here today to offer some suggestions. SMS text marketing is

Rich Communication Services RCS Text Global

SMS is one of the most traditional means of communication that is still used widely today. It is effective and cost-reliable, which is why many companies use SMS as part of their marketing strategy. But, technology moves very fast in the 21st century, and the traditional means of communication must keep up if they want to stay relevant. For SMS, this is where rich communication services or RCS step in. Let’s discuss exactly what this

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